All about Mindspo.

Around this time last year I launched a business called Mindspo.
It kicked off by us opening up Mindspo’s signature 4-Week Online Course which has now taught over 1000 people world wide how to practice the one habit that single handedly saved my life. That habit is meditation.

In case you don’t know the basics of my story I want to share the very short version here, so that you can better understand how and why I’ve become so passionate about meditation and decided to turn that passion into Chris and I’s now business Mindspo.

You see, around 5 years ago I was in a really really bad place mentally. I was chronically depressed, I suffered from weekly panic attacks, I hardly got out of bed and I was riddled with anxiety. I frequently had suicidal thoughts, I ate my feelings, I lie a lot to cover up my true emotions and I was just a mess.

At the same time I didn’t really understand why I felt the way I did, but luckily with the help of my partner I sought out professional help in the form of a cognitive behavioural therapist. I went to this therapist once a week every week for almost a year and after our first few sessions of sharing my past, my current mental state and ongoing symptoms she explained to me that I was suffering from P.T.S.D (Post-traumatic-stress-disorder).

I remember the moment she gave me that diagnosis. I almost cancelled coming to therapy that day, as I was in a really bad state but dragged myself there. I entered the room where we would chat and she slid me this HUGE open book across the table and asked me to read it.

The page in front of me gave a medical explanation of what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was. The words that followed on that page was as if someone had given an exact explanation of my life and all the pain I felt on a daily basis. Being given that diagnosis was like offloading the world from my shoulders. 

Suddenly it all made sense! It explained my pain and strangely it made me feel like for the first time I might not be alone in this.

If you’re not familiar with PTSD, I’d like to explain it a little further. PTSD is a mental illness that can manifest in people as result of past traumatic events. These traumatic events if not dealt with and suppressed, can manifest into a series of issues like the ones I was living with. My personal form of PTSD is known as ‘Complex PTSD’ and is usually diagnosed in adults or children who have repeatedly experienced violence, neglect or abuse at a young age.

A lot happened after that diagnosis, which I’ll share at another time, but I don’t want this to be the longest post in human history, so I’m cutting a bunch of details short to get to the point. 

Some time after my PTSD diagnosis, a friend ours Julian told us about meditation… Julian shared that the American army were hiring an organisation called T.M. (Transcendental Meditation) to teach soldiers that were coming back from Iraq how to meditate. 

PTSD is a HUGE problem in the army, as many soldiers experience a number of traumatic events and as a result fall into a deep dark depression and some sadly even some commit suicide as a result- a common tragedy for many PTSD suffers.

This condition in my experience is like suffering from your worst nightmare, experiencing and feeling trauma from your past, every day. It takes over your life, it steals away your joy and it physically and mentally causes an immense amount of pain that I wish upon no one.

I remember Julian telling me about the PSTD sufferers from the US Army and how their lives were changed through this meditation thing. I was skeptical because at this point I had tried and failed with multiple methods all ‘praised’ to cure, heal and help my current mental state and the idea that something like meditation was going to be the ‘Answer’ just seemed way to good to be true.

Skeptical as I was, I remember opening my laptop the night after the conversation and googling PSTD and Transcendental Meditation, this search led me to a TM video on YouTube of a Soldier with PTSD sharing his meditation transformation. 

As i write this tears come to my eyes, remembering the emotional response I had to the video and everything i read online that night. There was something so hopeful about watching these HUGE men decorated in their army badges be so vulnerable and open up about their personal stories and then share how this meditation thing had SAVED them.

I remember thinking “If a 6ft something Army dude’s PTSD from war can be solved by his meditation, then mine can too.” Following that video I booked into a meditation course at my local TM centre in Sydney. The course was three days long and cost $1,000. That $1,000 was the BEST money I have ever spent, but at the time it was a small fortune to me and took me a few weeks to get together as I was only working a retail job at the time.

My life after learning meditation through TM changed forever. Each day I practiced my mental health improved, my PTSD symptoms decreased and I started to become, well, the girl I am today; a happy, healthy young woman who LOVES life and is grateful for it every single day. 

After I learnt how to meditate I became obsessed and wildly passionate about this simple practice, meditation became all i ever talked about to friends and strangers.

I would be at fashion events and I’d hear someone talk about how stressed they were and I would go to tell them all about meditation and my story and how they should learn, how I’d love to teach them and how one day I was going to study to become a teacher.
One challenge I encountered though was that I didn’t know anywhere other than my $1,000 T.M. course that I felt taught meditation in a cool and easy to understand, no-bs, millennial-friendly format. The course I took, while amazing, included religious references and while there are apps out there, none of them really did what I thought was a good enough job at making this meditation thing ‘cool’. This is the problem that Mindspo was born from, it was my solution to the lack of options out there.

After completing a Meditation Teacher Course through IMTA and also doing a year of my own study and experimenting on the topic, both Chris and I started to build Mindspo. Mindspo was designed to help the girl I used to be, a girl who was overrun by her thoughts and that was riddled with anxiety and panic attacks. 

I knew who my market was for Mindspo, because I was her, I had had all the issues she has and I wanted to help her solve them.

So that’s the ‘not-so-short but short’ story of how and why i become so passionate about meditation and have decided to turn that passion into my career.
I feel like a lot of my followers don’t truly understand what I do or what Mindspo is all about, so I wanted to share some commonly asked questions about my own business and Mindspo’s online course to give you a better understanding of it all. 🙂

Why did you call it Mindspo?

When I was thinking of names ‘Mindspo’ was one of the first I came up with and it was a spin off of ‘Fitspo’. Being a social media influencer already, i saw the HUGE #fitspo trend, where people posted their body transformation online and shared their progress on instagram. The hashtag Fitspo stands for fitness inspiration and I thought what about ‘Mindspo’ – Mind inspiration, a name/brand/hashtag which was all about transforming ones mind. In our modern world we focus so much on the exterior of a person and ourselves and I wanted to popularise looking into one’s self and strengthening the mind.

Are you certified to teach meditation?

Yes, I’ve done a mindfulness meditation teacher certification course and am a member of the International Meditation Teachers Association (IMTA) as well as continued my studies by doing my 200hr Yoga teacher training in Bali this year. My personal study of meditation however will never stop, as I see myself not just as a teacher, but an eternal student of this practice and while I am qualified to teach, there is always more to learn. I don’t think a meditation teacher ever really is a teacher, we are all students of this practice for the rest of our lives and that’s one of the special things about this area of work, you never stop discovering and uncovering.

How does Mindspo Work?

Mindspo is a 4 Week Online Meditation Course, which starts on the first of every month. The course is made up of 27 short and easy to understand videos, spoken by myself, which are viewable through the Mindspo website after registering. Upon signing up to Mindspo you will be guided through a 4 Week journey, where a new section unlocks progressively week to week. You simply watch the videos, then practise the contained guided meditation clip for the next 7 days before progressing. Below is a breakdown of each section and the topics we cover week to week.

Week 1
– What is your ‘WHY’?
– The Monkey Mind
– Meditation and Stress
– Forming a new habit
– Preparing to Meditate
– 5min Meditation

Week 2
– What is a Mantra
– No judgements, no thoughts
– Overview of the Method
– 10min Meditation

Week 3
– Meditation and Anxiety
– Dealing with distractions
– An Attitude of Gratitude
– 15min Meditation

Week 4
– Falling of the horse
– How to be less sick
– 20min Meditation
– Challenge

How much is Mindspo?

Mindspo costs $75USD, which is approximately $95AU or £58 Pound. That price includes life-time access to the course, email support during your allocated Mindspo sign up month, a guided meditation album, 27x instructional videos and access to our private Facebook community of Mindspo students, which is regularly updated.

Do you get life time access to the course once you pay? 

Yes, but that offer may not be forever. Right now Mindspo is set us so that all past and new student gain lifetime access to the platform and the course, however we are looking at adjusting the setup and over-all business model, so if you’re thinking of signing now would be the best value time to do so.

How is Mindspo different from a meditation app?

Mindspo is a different from most meditation app, because we teach you an independent method you can perform without the help of a phone or an app. So if you’re ever without your phone, you can still meditation just the same, unlike with most guided meditation methods. 

Beyond that a huge part of Mindspo is also finding out your why, helping you create a habit, answering questions about meditation, providing advice and guidance on dealing with stress and anxiety, teaching new mindsets for success and giving you support and a community to be apart of during the course and after. Mindspo is a living breathing family of people who care about their own happiness and we’d love for you to join us.

Will Meditation help me if I have anxiety?

100% Meditation is one of the best ways to treat anxiety and is scientifically proven to lower feelings of anxiousness and stress within people.

What have some of your past students said about the course?

The testimonials and feedback we’ve received from our past Mindspo students is mind blowingly positive and honestly make me so proud of what we have created. I’ve placed some recent Mindspo video testimonials below as well, along with some of our written testimonials.

Why can I only sign up at a certain time each month?

We structured Mindspo as a monthly ‘class’, the reason we did this is so that when you sign up you go on a four week meditation journey alongside a bunch of other new #MindspoFam members. This allows for a nice synergy and allows us to answer questions along the way in a simple and coordinated fashion.

What makes Mindspo different from other meditation course?

We are a modern, practical, to the point online meditation course, with no fluff, no bs, no overly complex curriculum and no unnecessary decoration. We want you to learn Meditation in as short a time as possible, with fun and joy built in. We understand our generation and we speak your language.

Find out more, Watch Testimonials and Sign up here

  • This sounds neat! I know of a few people, including myself who would seriously benefit from this. Thank you for sharing!

    – Jasmine K