How to get fit and healthy in Bali


At the end of 2017 I rocked up in Bali feeling stressed, tired, bloated and around 7kg heavier after what I can only describe as one of the best summers of my life. Traveling non-stop for 8 months and coming off 6 weeks indulging in Greece can do that to you!

I had let go of any routine, any rules or any kind of guidelines as to how I moved or nourished my body. It was fine at first, but then it caught up to me and one too many cocktails and cakes started to make me feel and look a little less on point than I was used to.

None of this was a problem until I started to think a little more deeply about my health and how my constant travel lifestyle was affecting me long term both on the inside and the outside.

This realization came at the exact time that I arrived in Bali and I knew I needed to make my health and wellness a priority while I was there. So I began searching whether there were any good gyms, trainers or even nutritionists on the island that could help me, just to get some structure and normality back into what had been 8 months of feeding my body whatever I found whilst on the road.

It was then that I found Motion – A Bali based mecca of everything you could dream of when it comes to nutrition and training. Motion is run by Melanie Bomba, who is a German born Bali based wellness guru who has built motion from the ground up and developed what I can only describe as the best Bali has to offer when it comes to nutrition and training.

Motion has several arms to their business:

Motion Meals – A meal delivery service that is nutritionist designed and tailored to your dietary needs from vegan to paleo, keto to alkaline, they have you covered.
Motion Cafe: A one-stop shop for fitness-focused all-day dining in the heart of Canggu
Motion Getaways: A healthy fitness getaway plan where you can book a custom stay with them and have your food and fitness looked after by their fantastic team
AND launching very soon: Motion Retreats.

My mission with Motion was simple in its idea, but not easy in its execution, because it’s not something anyone has ever been able to do for me before – Help me start feeling like the best version of me again, shred some of the KG’s I had put on whilst traveling, get my lean muscle mass back, take the work and stress out of food preparation so that I can work on my business and most importantly educate me, so that I can continue on this path after I leave bali.

Upon emailing Motion I was put in touch with their team and decided to partner with them on a month-long food and fitness overhaul, and man was it the best thing I’ve done in years for my health!

Both myself and my partner Soll were designed custom meal plans that fit our needs, goals and dietary requirements. We were given support and up front expectations as to what Motion would be able to do for us – one point for me being that my Motion journey was to have no scale – weight goals aren’t necessarily a good measure of health, but rather we would measure me with a tape measure along the way just to document my progress.

Over our 4 weeks with them, Motion delivered our meals fresh every day in the morning with everything labeled for what we needed to have, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also committed to 3x a week in-person training with our sessions being split between Mel the kick-ass owner of Motion (and booty master) and Pierre, their Balinese born legendary trainer.

My meal program was based on the Motion meal ‘Shredder’ plan – however, it was customized to be 90% plant-based as I requested no meat or dairy in any of my meals, while Chris went for the gainer meal plan with limited meat as well.

Whilst we were on this meal plan our menu’s were sent to us every week for pre-approval and any adjustments we wished to make and we were also given guidance as to mindset and lifestyle choices that Motion encouraged along the way. I was given a cellulite reduction plan (one of Motion’s specialties) alongside my exercise and meal plan which consisted of natural products produced by Motion.

During our time with Motion everything to do with my health was looked after, monitored and supported by a team of experts. I was given food freedom in a way I had not had in years – I stopped thinking about what I was eating and how much I was eating and where my next meal was coming from and if I was doing the right or the wrong thing. That allowed me to trust them 100% and as a result, I had the most productive month of the whole year.
I spent the month working on my business and enjoying life while losing weight, gaining muscle and developing more confidence in my body than ever before.

Motion made the whole thing so easy- almost too easy, sure, there was sweat during the workouts, but there were no cravings or feelings of being deprived or being on some crazy diet, because I wasn’t on one. I was eating an abundance of regular sized healthy meals and the best bit is I didn’t have to cook them, think about them or plan them.

In my month with Motion I a total loss of 21 inches. Which is awesome, but not the part that really mattered. I became informed and inspired again when it comes to my health and wellness and really started seeing my health as a journey that I was on, rather than something that I needed to constantly find a quick fix for.

I can’t thank the team at Motion enough for everything they’ve taught us, as well as their passion for providing the services they do. I had always dreamed of doing a wellness month overseas and finally found the answer and mecca of health and fitness in Bali and I can’t wait to get back for more reasons than just sunshine and good vibes, but also for the longevity of my body and the freedom of having someone else look after my health and fitness, which is a big part of my life that I often struggle to maintain on my own.

If you’re ever in Bali, be sure to give their services a go, you will not be disappointed.