“A land or place full of wonderful things”

It’s the start of 2018 and I’m sitting here in Sydney – which should feel like home.
it’s where I was born, it’s where I’ve lived most of my life, my family is here, I speak this language, I have connections and friends and all the things a home is meant to have and it has all those things, but it’s missing the one thing that a home should have the most – a feeling of ‘home’.

Sydney to me right now feels less like home than anywhere I’ve been this year… which got me thinking, what do I actually want ‘home’ to feel like? What word would best describe what I want in a home? – It was then I came up with the idea of home feeling like a ‘Wonderland’ – A land of wonderful things.

You know the story of Alice in Wonderland, where she goes down the rabbit hole and down it finds a wonderful world of adventure, mystery, and magic. A place of self-expression and freedom- that’s what I am looking for in a home and It’s not here in Sydney where everyone tells me is home… however, it does feel like this, in Bali…

Let me explain;

I’ve learned that ‘Home’ can be anything you want it to be, because YOU create your own reality.
Home isn’t necessarily where you were born, it’s a conscious choice in where you want to live, it’s a decision and a lifestyle that you chose.

If you want a white picket fence, a 4 wheel drive, trendy cafes, then maybe home is suburban living for you right now.
If you want a sense of adventure, to live out of a backpack, then maybe home is where the next hostel is.
Maybe you want fresh air, no one else in sight and a simpler life, you could find a home in the countryside.
Perhaps you want fast-paced living or you’ve got dreams of making an app, then silicon valley might be home for you.

For me right now I want my home to be- Sunny and exotic, to encourage creativity and growth, to have a young expat/digital nomad community nearby, to have access to meditation and yoga classes & facilities, to have an abundance of health cafes and restaurants at reasonable prices.

All those things are what Bali has provided me with whenever I am there, I feel inspired, i find things and people and businesses and fashion that I love. A great example of finding fashion I love is this dress I’m wearing in the photos of this post- I found this label called ‘Palma Australia’ which had a collection of beautiful designs that i instantly fell in love with whilst walking through Seminyak.

I get all these homely feelings in Bali but not the sort of feeling people told me home would have. I decide what I want home to be this time. I want home to be a Wonderland in this chapter of my life, which Is why I’m looking at basing myself in Bali a lot more in 2018- who know, Chris and I might even rent a place there for a year which we can then use as our base throughout our travels.

Remember, home is what you decide, not what someone else told you. You create your own reality.


Wearing-  Palma Australia dress and shoes