Back in May this year, I found myself in Bali eating my weight in fresh coconuts and vegan burgers at my favorite cafe Little Green Cafe Semiyak after completing my 200hr Yoga certification. Little Green Cafe is one of Bali’s best known vegan and organic cafes and alongside its inspiring menu, they also have a collection of books for sale covering everything from health and wellness to spiritual awakenings. If you know me, then you’ll know that’s my scene, so naturally I investigated the bookshelf and found a little something that caught my eye.

The book I chose from their collection was none other than Meditations to Heal your Life by Louise Hay. If you are unfamiliar with Louise Hay, then I am blessed to be to introduce you to her teachings, as she is one of my favorite spiritual teachers and mentors to date. Meditations to Heal your Life is actually a sister book to the original Heal Your Life, one of Louise’s international bestsellers, that has single handedly changed the lives of many, including some of my closest friends. It’s a book I feel is a MUST READ, filled with affirmations and meditations to provide inspiration, hope and healing.


It’s been a few months since Meditations to Heal your Life entered my reality and I’ve now come to the conclusion that this book by Louise is MAGIC and I’ll explain why. You see, this book is one that you can open at any page and read, but for me every time I choose a page it’s never just a random page with random words. Honestly, 90% of the time I open this book to a random page it’s as though Louise Hay was in the deepest depth of my mind all day and has typed up the perfect meditation and affirmation for me. It’s almost freaky how spot on this book is in giving me advice and guidance so much so that I now just know it as my ‘magic book’.

You know what’s even more magic… as I was halfway through writing this blog post, I checked my Instagram and saw the below post as the first thing on my feed…

Today August 30th September 2018 Louise Hay passed and transitioned from our world. Louise, you my friend are a magical woman who has become a master of synchronicities in my life and I am so very thankful for your work and light and words that continue to inspire me and this world.

If you haven’t ever read Louise Hay, here is your sign from the universe to dive into her books; she may have just left this physical form, but she is still very much here!