​ Let’s talk about babes in business… Being an entrepreneur myself I’m a HUGE cheerleader for any girl that’s running her own show when it comes to her life and career. I love nothing more than seeing fellow females kick ass and make their dreams become reality and I want to use my blog to […]

Back in May this year, I found myself in Bali eating my weight in fresh coconuts and vegan burgers at my favorite cafe Little Green Cafe Semiyak after completing my 200hr Yoga certification. Little Green Cafe is one of Bali’s best known vegan and organic cafes and alongside its inspiring menu, they also have a […]

Do you believe you can choose happiness? Or do you believe it’s an emotion out of your control? Do you believe that you can decide when to feel happy and when not to feel happy? A few years ago if you had asked me these questions, I would have most likely grunted and rolled my […]